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Products from Dr. Elia

DTR: What You Should Know Before You Get Married

DTR: What You Should Know Before You Get Married Eventually, every relationship has “the talk,” also known to young single adults as D.T.R.–Define the Relationship. In this fireside presentation, Dr. Elia Gourgouris helps you define your relationship in four key areas:
1. Communication
2. Finances: Making Mutual Decisions
3. Spiritual Beliefs
4. Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Intimacy
His counsel, geared especially for LDS dating couples, offers insights mixed with humor in a perfect combination to help any couple define and improve their relationship.

Available at Deseret Book

The Multi-Platinum Marriage: Going from Surviving to Thriving

Why are some marriages happier than others? Dr. Elia Gourgouris tells us why.  He’s inspired thousands of LDS couples to find greater happiness and fulfillment in their marriages by understanding what he calls “The Four Cornerstones to a Multi-Platinum Marriage: Communication, Forgiveness, Intimacy (physical, emotional, spiritual), and Finances.”  Learn what makes your spouse feel the most loved– and learn about “red flags” and how to avoid them.  Dr. Gourgouris’s insightful counsel, humorous stories, and practical examples are certain to strengthen any marriage and create positive and fulfilling relationships.

Available at Deseret Books

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